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Keysight Test-Drive 2017 – Seminar Materials

Module 1 Module 2 Module 3

Tools and Techniques for Optimizing RF Transmitter and Receiver Measurements


During this interactive session which combines lecture, hands-on lab and live demonstration, we will explore the basic building blocks of a typical RF transmitter and receiver and examine techniques for measuring device and system performance using a variety of test equipment including power meters, vector network analyzers, and spectrum and signal analyzers.



Modern Measurement Tools for Faster Design Validation and Characterization


Whether you work on power, analog or digital design, discover the latest tools from Keysight to make you more productive and simplify your bench. Learn to use your current instrumentation more productively and get hands-on experience with the latest Keysight hardware and software to setup tests across multiple instruments, without writing a single line of code!




Power Integrity using Oscilloscopes


A leading cause of clock and data jitter is the integrity of the dc power distributed on circuit boards. You will learn techniques to use an oscilloscope, along with a Power Rail probe, to find and eliminate power integrity issues in your designs. In addition, you will learn how to use oscilloscopes to make switch-mode power supply measurements and validate the performance of your designs using a power analyzer.