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PowerSuite: Harmonic Distortion

HarmonicsThe harmonic distortion measurement measures the harmonics of a specified carrier frequency for any number of harmonics from 2 - 10. This measurement displays harmonics of a single carrier signal or complex digitally modulated carriers, and computes the total harmonic distortion.

At each cycle, the instrument makes a zero-span measurement at the fundamental frequency and at each harmonic frequency. With that information, it calculates and reports each harmonic in dBc. It also calculates and reports the total harmonic distortion.

In most use cases, this approach is sufficient. In cases where a specialized harmonic measurement is required, such as measuring the harmonics of a baseband amplifier when looking at the carrier signal, you may manually specify the parameters for each harmonic measurement.

A range table can be used to specify how the analyzer determines the harmonics to be measured. If the range table is turned off, the analyzer implements the measurement on the carrier with the largest amplitude peak at the time the measurement is started.

  • Watch the Video 
    In this short video, learn why the one-button PowerSuite harmonic distortion measurement is important and see a quick measurement.