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PowerSuite: Adjacent Channel Power

PowerSuite: Adjacent Channel PowerAdjacent channel power (ACP) measurement measures the amount of interference, or power, in an adjacent frequency channel. The results are displayed as a bar graph or as spectrum data, with measurement data at specified offsets.

Many of Keysight’s instruments also have one-button measurements for multi-carrier, multi-offset ACP measurements. The span is set according to the six available offsets and their associated integration bandwidths, defined by you or the selected radio standard. The root raised cosine filter also affects the span and is only available for NADC and W-CDMA 3GPP radio standards.

When Method is set to IBW, one sweep of the trace is taken, and the band power for each offset is computed. You may view the results as the current trace, a bar graph, or a combination of the two. When Method is set to RBW, the main channel and offsets are measured in zero span and the combined results are reported according to the Meas Type selection.

  •  Watch the Video 
    In this short video, learn why the one-button PowerSuite adjacent channel power measurement is important and see a quick measurement.