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What has changed in IO Libraries Suite 16.2?

IO Libraries Revisions: Suite 16.2

I/O Interface Support

  • Increased support for AXIe. Discovery of AXIe chassis and modules in chassis by the resource manager and Connection Expert

VISA Changes

  • Agilent VISA now supports IPv6 on TCPIP SOCKET and TCPIP HiSLIP INSTR devices. Note: IPv6 addressing is not supported for VXI-11 and SICL-LAN protocols.
  • The following VISA functions are now implemented:
    • viIn8Ex, viIn16Ex, viIn32Ex, viIn64Ex
    • viOut8Ex, viOut16Ex, viOut32Ex, viOut64Ex
    • viMoveIn8Ex, viMoveIn16Ex, viMoveIn32Ex, viMoveIn64Ex
    • viMoveOut8Ex, viMoveOut16Ex, viMoveOut32Ex, viMoveOut64Ex
    • viMoveEx
    • viMemAllocEx, viMemFreeEx

Defect Fixes

  • The viFind64 utility now reports the status of all installed 64-bit VISA implementations.
  • viFlush of the read buffer on a VISA SOCKET session now works correctly. Previously the low-level buffer was not being flushed when viFlush was called.
  • Agilent VISA can now correctly parse addresses with embedded square brackets where the string between the square brackets can contain double colons. For example:
    • TCPIP0::[2391::5938::30D3090505::0]::INSTR (a remote USB instrument)
    • TCPIP0::[fe80::215:60ff:feb7:26a5]::hislip0::INSTR (a remote HiSLIP instrument using IPv6)
  • A new version of 64-bit VISA Shared Components is included in this version of the IO Libraries. It fixes several issues:
    • viWaitOnEvent no longer throws an exception when called with the outContext parameter set to VI_NULL.
    • viWaitOnEvent now correctly returns VI_SUCCESS_QUEUE_NEMPTY from the underlying vendor’s VISA.
  • The VI_EVENT_IO_COMPLETION event returned from viReadAsync, viWriteAsync and viMoveAsync now includes the VI_ATTR_OPER_NAME attribute.
  • Some issues with VISA shared locks on a HiSLIP device are fixed.
  • The Agilent USBTMC user-level driver now handles VI_ATTR_TERMCHAR_EN for USBTMC devices that do not support it natively; VI_ERROR_NSUP_OPER is no longer returned in this case.
  • The Interactive IO utility now recognizes queries with parameters appearing after the ‘?’ as queries and automatically reads and returns the results.
  • A configuration issue in Agilent Connection Expert for non-Agilent GPIB cards (NI GPIB cards, for example) was fixed. The following changes were made:
    • To make the settings for GPIB Primary Address and System Controller state consistent with those set by the 488.2 configuration utility (NI-MAX, for example), these values are read from the 488.2 library and used by Connection Expert as the default values when first configuring the card. See GPIB Interface using 488.2 Properties in the IO Libraries Suite help for more information.
    • The default values set in Connection Expert for the above properties are now correctly set in Agilent VISA for both 32-bit and 64-bit programs.

Installer Changes:

  • The IO Libraries Suite installer installs:
    • NET Framework 2.0 and 4.0
    • New versions of IVI Shared Components (version 2.2.1)
    • New versions of the VISA Shared Components (version 1.4)
    • Visual C++ 2010 runtime redistributables
    • All user documentation and sample programs are removed from Start\All Programs. 


Last Updated: March 1, 2012