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I set up the system to perform a compare and capture measurement using a memory based pattern on all 16 channels. When I made the acquisition of the data I could see the captured data and had errors in it but the results screen didn't add the red ...

We do have two modes:

1)Compare and Capture:

this mode does continuously compare and capture data wether with or without errors. You only can see the results, if you stop the system and watch the sequence editor.

2) Compare and acquire around error:

This is very similar as number 1), but it will stop after an error has occured and it will stop at a predifined bit status. Please do try this setup.

And at least this is important to know for both measurement modes, no synchronization is possible at these modes. Reason:

If you do compare and acquire around error, the system must start even if there was no synchronization found. Even if there are 10 or 15 errors the system must start.

If you would apply synchronization with the predifined BERT thresholds, the system would detect more errors as the threshold would allow, the customer would never able to use these modes because the system would not start. These modes are specifically created to work with errors.