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Is there a method to disable, or enable, the calibrator self-test on power up of the EPM or EPM-P Power Meters?


Via either the RS-232 or GPIB remote programming interface send the following command:

"SERV:BIST:CALibrator OFF;" {To DISABLE the Calibrator self test}

"SERV:BIST:CALibrator ON;" {To ENABLE the Calibrator self test}

If the EPM or EPM-P power meters are utilized in an ATE system, cabling and switching may be present from the output of the power reference (i.e. from the 50 MHz, 0 dBm, "POWER REF", reference signal). This could enable the ATE system to switch the power meter sensor input to the either the device under test or to the 50 MHz, 0 dBm reference output for calibration. When cabling or switching is attached to the POWER REF output the power meters may fail the CALIBRATOR self-test on power up.

The error queue of the power meter may be cleared manually via the front panel keystrokes:

System Inputs (hard key - HK) - 1 of 3 (soft key -SK) - Error List (SK) - Clear Errors (SK).

The error queue of the power meter may be cleared remotely via the programming command:


Clearing the error queue DOES NOT remove hardware error indications from the display. The error, "ERR Power-up H/W Err", as indicated on the top line of the display, can not be cleared, either manually or through the programming interface(s).

The two alternatives to removing the error are to power the unit on with NOTHING connected to the calibrator output, or to disable the calibrator power on self-test as outlined above.