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Can I use the 5475xA modules and the TDR capability of the 54753A/4A modules in 83480A mainframe?

Yes, the 5475xA modules and TDR capability of the 54753A/4A modules can be used in the 83480A mainframe if the 54755A firmware option is installed. You can download 54755A firmware from: 54755A.exe

The self-extracting file contains an "AUTOST.bin" file and a "readme.txt" file.

To install the "AUTOST.bin" file, click your mouse button on the file. Save the file as "AUTOST" without any extension to a DOS formatted disk, preferably a disk that was formatted in the HP 83480A disk drive. If the stored file name includes the .bin extension, rename the file AUTOST or it will not be recognized by the mainframe.

To load the HP 54755A into the mainframe, insert the AUTOST disk in the disk drive and cycle power. After the disk drive LED goes out (a few seconds), remove the disk from the disk drive and cycle power again. The additional features will be enabled and the mainframe will recognize all modules supported by the revision of instrument firmware.

The "readme.txt" included with the download also summarizes the installation procedure.

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