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Does the E4406A or PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer provide GSM trigger to time zero (T0) timing in order to test Enhanced Observed Time Difference Technology (E-OTD)? How can I measure the Trigger-to-T0 timing offset?

Yes, the EDGE / GSM measurement personalities for the E4406A and PSA Series provide precise nanosecond timing between an external trigger and the training sequency T0 transition point.

For PSA firmware version A.04 and E4406A firmware A.06, the trigger to T0 metrics are available in the GSM PVT and EDGE PVT measurements. For PSA firmware version A.05 and E4406A version A.07, a more accurate measurement result is now available in the GSM PFER measurement. Please refer to the E4406A or PSA EDGE / GSM manual and specifications guide for more information

In older firmware, Power vs Time measurement provided the result of Trigger-to-T0 time offset. With PSA A.07 or later and E4406A A.08 or later, Trigger-to-T0 time offset results are available in GSM PFER (Phase and Freq Error) and EDGE EVM measurements with trigger interpolator support and relative offset accuracy specifications.