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What type of cabinets can the ESA Rackmount Kit (Option 1CP) be installed into?

The ESA Rackmount Kit (Option 1CP) was designed to mount into an Kesight System II Rack. The kit contains full extension slides, part number 1494-0059, with 24" mounting hole centers, to attach to the cabinet mounting columns in the X-axis as shown:

ESA Option 1CP Mounting in an Agilent Cabinet


If using a non-Keysight rack there are other end brackets available that may work for these applications. For the slides used in this kit, they would be part number 1494-0061.

With these end brackets the mounting holes used in the cabinet columns are in the Z-axis. Please use the information provided here to determine if this will work for your individual cabinet.

The typical use of these brackets is as shown:

ESA Option 1CP Mounting in a Non-Agilent Cabinet


The dimensions of the 1494-0061 End Brackets are as shown:

1494-0061 End Bracket Dimensions

Note: The multiple slotted mounting holes provide for flexibility in the cabinet mounting column spacing (approx. 27" max)

Ordering information for option 1CP is included on the ESA-L and ESA-E Upgrade Table

Documents & Downloads

ESA Spectrum Analyzer and EMC Analyzer Rack Mount Kit Installation Note 
Instructions to install a rack kit for ESA Spectrum Analyzers and EMC Analyzers. Option 1CP.

Installation Manual 2015-01-01

null PDF 138 KB
Enclosures Solutions Product Catalog 
A 46-page catalog of rackmount kits, cabinets, testmobiles, and accessories. Most of the kits and accessories are intended for use only in Keysight racks.

Catalog 2013-06-17

null PDF 2.75 MB