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LTE RF Design and Measurement

LTE RF Design and Measurement

Based on the book LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless – Design and Measurement Challenges

LTE RF Design and Measurement

Course Overview

This two-day class provides a strong test foundation for RF engineers engaged in 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology and is based on the groundbreaking new book LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless – Design and Measurement Challenge. Written by Agilent's measurement experts, the book provides technical and practical knowledge about the complex LTE technology for RF design engineers and their management. Conducted by these experts, the class focuses on handset and base station RF measurements and provides hands-on lab time with the latest LTE test solutions.

What you will learn

  • Understanding of the key concepts of LTE and the emerging standards.
  • How the UE and eNB Physical Layers are defined.
  • Challenges of Receiver Design and Measurement.
  • Challenges of Transmitter Design and Measurement.
  • Specific Design and Measurement Challenges of Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) systems.

Detailed Course Agenda

Introduction to LTE
• Class overview and timeline
• What you can expect to learn
• LTE System Overview
• The Evolution from UMTS to LTE
• LTE/SAE Requirements and Timeline
• Finding 3GPP LTE/SAE Specification Documents
Transmitter Test
• Systematic Approach for Verifying LTE Transmitter Performance
• Spectrum Measurements
• Vector (Frequency and Time) Measurements
• Analysis of Signals After Digital Demodulation
Air Interface Concepts
• Radio Frequency Aspects
Receiver Test
• Verifying the RF Receiver
• Verifying the Baseband Receiver
• Receiver Performance Under Impaired Conditions
• Closed Loop Receiver Design and Measurement Challenges
Physical Layer
• Physical Channels and Modulation
• Multiplexing and Channel Coding
• Introduction to Physical Layer Signaling
Design and Verification Challenges of MIMO
• eNB Transmitter MIMO Challenges
• MIMO Receiver Design and Verification Challenges
• Receiver Performance Testing Using Static and Continuously Faded Channels
• Requirements for Phase Coherence
Simulation and Early R&D Hardware Testing
• Uplink and Downlink Simulation Examples
• Mixed-Signal Design Challenges
• Combining Simulation and HW to Test Mixed-Signal Hardware Coded BER Measurement Example
Demonstration of LTE Communications Test Set
Testing RFICs with DigRF Interconnects
• The Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance and DigRF
• Challenges in Building and Testing RFICs
• Addressing Cross-Domain Issues
Wrap up with discussion on 4G: LTE –Advanced


Course typeTechnology and Test training
AudienceAnyone wanting to gain an overall perspective of the LTE concepts and challenges especially RF Engineers working on early development of RF/Baseband components of LTE receivers and transmitters
PrerequisitesBasic Knowledge on Digital Modulation and associated RF Testing
Course lengthTwo days
Course formatLecture with demos and student hands-on.

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