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The 8712ET/ES and 8714ET/ES now have LAN as a standard feature. What benefits will the LAN feature provide me?

The LAN provides a simple method to communicate with computers, printers and other devices. This capability is almost a necessity in high volume manufacturing areas. The LAN interface lets you connect your analyzer to an Ethernet network that uses TCP/IP. With the LAN interface you can:

Save and recall the analyzer's settings (instrument state)

Transfer IBASIC programs between your computer and your analyzer

Transfer files between your computer and the analyzer using FTP

Connect many analyzers to one computer

Automate the control of your analyzers

Program the analyzer using SCPI commands

Printer hardcopy directly to an HP Laserjet printer

Access your analyzer's WEB pages. Here you will find links to:

  • General information about the 8711 family of network analyzers
  • Online documentation such as SCPI command references
  • Specific information about your analyzer such as your current firmware revision, installed options, even the analyzer's current screen image.
  • General information about HP, and how to obtain assistance if you need it