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How to install Keysight Firewire and NI GPIB in the external PC?

In order to configure an NI GPIB card under Agilent I/O J.01.02.01(or greater) libraries, you must first make sure you have configured it with NI 488.2 drivers revision 1.5 or better (current Windows-GPIB drivers on the web are at rev 1.6). If National Instruments VISA drivers were installed in the process of installing NI488.2, it is recommended that you uninstall them at this time. Once the card is working well, under this rev of NI 488.2 drivers, install the Agilent I/O libraries (rev J.01.02 or greater). Run I/O config. Select "SICL on NI GPIB" and configure. Verify that the Agilent libraries talk to the card by communicating with an instrument via VISA Assistant. This will test Agilent VISA, SICL and NI488.2.

This described configuration is only a possibility for the customer to use both NI GPIB and Agilent Firewire card within one PC. But this configuration is not tested from NI and Agilent and we did experience a lot of troubles with this configuration.

Therefore we do not recommend this combination and advice the customer to install only Agilent components to run the 812xx.