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Why is the measured PCS band PvT mask position -6 dBc for -10 us, Mobile Station Transmit power levels 11-15, instead of following the ETSI 11.10 standard, which uses the same mask as in DCS band shown below?

Power Level Mask Position @ -10us
  -4 dBc
12 -2 dBc
13 -1 dBc
14 -1 dBc
15 -1 dBc

ETSI TS 05.05 core specifications are different from the ETSI 11.10 (or 51.010) test specifications. When the PCS standards came under ETSI, this discrepancy with DCS band PvT mask remained. Our default PCS mask is correct according to 3GPP ETSI TS 05.05, but since ETSI-11.10 differs from ETSI TS 05.05 in the PCS band mask definition, Keysight has modified the PvT measurement to give the user the option to use either of the two ETSI specifications. The relaxed mask is specific only to PCS band due to its US legacy.

E1960A, revision A.09 and later, and all E1968A revisions of our test applications allow you to choose the relaxed versus narrow PCS PvT mask in the measurement setup when testing in the PCS band. To change the mask limits, change to the PCS band in BCH Parameters, select the PvT measurement, then PVT Measurement Setup, PCS ETSI Limit, and select Relaxed or Narrow.

From the E1960A Release Notes, Online User's Guide (in the "Related Links" below):
"The Power versus Time measurement has been enhanced to provide a relaxed mask specification for the PCS band, as defined in 3GPP 51.010-1 section 13.3.5(c). For more information, refer to SETup:PVTime:LIMit:ETSI:PCS."



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E1960A Release Notes 
Release notes and revision information for the E1960A.

Release Notes 2002-08-22