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How can I transfer a "state" from one PSG to another?

When transferring states from one PSG to another using ftp, the transferred states are not visible in the Recall list. This is because there is a bifurcation in the memory structure that prevents the Recall function from seeing/listing the state file you have just transferred.

Here is the way to do it:

  1. Use the ftp "get" command to transfer the state file from the 1st PSG.
  2. Create a dummy location in the 2nd PSG by sending it the 488.2 common command *SAV , e.g. *SAV 2,0, to match the file that will be put there, for example 0_02 (see page 32 in the PSG SCPI Command Reference). This can be easily done using Visa Assistant (IO Libraries).
  3. Use the ftp "put" command to transfer the state file of the same name to the 2nd PSG. This will overwrite whatever state was saved in step 2.

Note: The PSG Signal Generator, SCPI Command Reference may be obtained on the web by clicking on the "Manuals & Guides" link at the bottom of the page: PSG Microwave Signal Generators, 250 kHz to 40 GHz.