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Internet of Things (IoT) Teaching Solution – IoT Sensors and Power Management

Designed to equip students with the knowledge on how to characterize the power consumption of IoT devices onboard controllers, sensors and wireless modules. Students will understand the principles of power management and will be able to characterize micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) devices. With teaching slides and a training kit (development kit, sensor devices, MEMS pressure sensor, XBee ZigBee® kit, lab sheets with model answers and problem-based assignments) included, this solution is a useful resource for lecturers.


Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

  • Explore the critical selection parameters of sensors for IoT applications
  • Discover the principles of commonly used sensor technologies
  • Evaluate performance of commonly used sensor modules
  • Understand the design considerations in IoT applications (power management)
  • Evaluate and validate power consumption of IoT devices and the sub-circuits using industrial-grade test and measurement instruments such as a digital multimeter (DMM) and oscilloscope
Teaching Slides Topic
Overview of IoT system
Essentials of power circuits
Fundamentals of power measurement
Power management techniques
Overview of sensor technology
Sensor measurement techniques
Sensor in action
Case studies
Lab Sheets Topic
Setting up IoT gateway and connecting sensor network to the cloud
Characterizing IoT sensor board (device) static and dynamic power consumption
Evaluating the impact of dynamic current drain and solar energy harvesting on IoT battery life
Optimizing power consumption and efficiency using dynamic power management in sensor networks
Characterizing MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, and their applications
Characterizing MEMS pressure and temperature sensors for applications in harsh environment
Gesture control using inertial measurement unit (IMU)
Setting up IoT gateway and connecting sensor network to the cloud

Preview samples of the teaching slides and lab sheets

The complete solution setup requires: