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M8040AU Upgrades for M8040A 64Gbaud high-performance BERT


Upgrades for M8045A
M8045A-U64 Upgrade to 64 GBaud from M8045A-G32, Module-wide License
M8045A-UG2 Upgrade of M8045A to second Channel for Pattern Generator, License (Return to factory)
M8045A-UG3 Upgrade of M8045A to Advanced Jitter Sources for Receiver Characterization, Module-wide License
M8045A-UG4 Upgrade of M8045A to De-emphasis, Module-wide License
M8045A-UP3 Upgrade of M8045A to PAM-4 Encoding up to 32 GBaud, Module-wide License
M8045A-UP6 Upgrade of M8045A to PAM-4 Extension up to 64 GBaud, Module-wide License
Upgrades for M8046A
M8046A-U64 Upgrade to 64 GBaud from M8046A-A32, License (Return to factory)
M8046A-UA3 Upgrade of M8046A to Analyzer Equalization, License (requires M8046A-A64 or -U64. Return to factory for S/N below DE56C00399)
M8046A-UP3 Upgrade of M8046A to PAM-4 Decoding up to 32 GBaud, License
M8045A-801 Short Cable 1.85 mm (m) to 1.85 mm (m), 0.15 m, absolute matching 699 ps +- 1 ps
M8045A-802 Matched directional coupler pair 50 GHz, 13 dB, 2.4 mm (recommended for external interference source RI/SI)
M8046A-801 Cable, 2.92 mm (m) to 2.92 mm (m), Length 0.5 m
M8046A-802 Matched Cable Pair, 2.4 mm, 2 ps, Length 0.85 m
M8061A-803 Bandpass filter 11.1 to 17.5 GHz, SMA (for M8046A clock input)
8490G-006 Attenuator, 6 dB, 1.85 mm
N9398F DC block 2.4 mm
N1027A-2P2 Microwave pick-off tees, 2.4 mm, matched pair (Qty 1 is recommend for use with N1076A/77A)
11900B Adapter 2.4 mm (f) to 2.4 mm (f) (Qty 2 is recommended for connecting cables to pick-off tees)
83059A Adapter 3.5 mm (m) to 3.5 mm (m) (Qty 2 is recommended for connecting pick-off tees directly to N1076A/77A inputs)
Y1226A Rack-mount kit for AXIe 5-slot chassis M9505A

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