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What are the differences between N6141A/C EMI measurement application and Option EMC?

There are two EMI options for X-Series signal analyzers: Option EMC (also known as N90EMEMCB) and the N6141A/C (also known as N6141EM0E) measurement application. Option EMC enables basic EMC measurements. It contains CISPR 16-1-1 compliant bandwidths and detectors (peak, quasi-peak, EMI average, RMS average) as well as CISPR band presets (bands A through E), and MIL-STD bandwidths that meet MIL-STD 461D/E/F requirements. The EMI measurement application includes Option EMC and provides a wide range of additional features that enable the user to perform precompliance conducted and radiated emissions tests to both commercial and MIL-STD requirements. The following table summarizes a comparison of features.

Feature EMI Measurement Application Option EMC
CISPR 16-1-1 detectors                       x         x     
CISPR 16-1-1 bandwidths                       x         x
MIL-STD 461 bandwidths                       x         x
Log annd linear display                       x  
Signal list                       x  
Scan table                       x  
Simultaneous detectors                       x  
Automatic limit testing                       x  
Measure at marker                       x         x
Delta to limit                       x  
Strip chart                       x  
Step and swept scans                       x  
Report generation                       x  
Time domain scan1                       x  
Monitor spectrum1                       x  
Amplitude probability distribution (APD)1                       x  
Disturbance analyzer (click measurements)                       x  
UI commonality with MXE receiver                       x  

1. Requires Options DP2 or B40. Not available for CXA