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Can the B01 bundle for the M9703B digitizer support 1 GHz of bandwidth?

No, the AXIe carrier board in the B01 bundle contains different assemblies than the standard M9703B board. The M9703B-B01 bundle includes the following options:

  • 1 GS/s sampling rate (-SR1)
  • Limited analog bandwidth (-F05)
  • Large acquisition memory (-M16)
  • Triggered simultaneous acquisition and readout (-TSR)
  • Custom firmware capability (-FDK)
  • Four large interconnected FPGA (one per DPU)
  • New IO-EXT interposer mezzanine providing 48 I/O on each of the four DPUs


Thus, the B01 bundle is not compatible with options –F10 (full bandwidth) and/or –INT (interleaving).