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Get to Market Faster with a Technology Refresh

Today’s competitive realities demand new thinking that keeps you on the leading edge while enhancing your margins. To stay current with the latest technologies —and gain productivity—Keysight’s Technology Refresh Services can ensure that your engineers, testing labs and production lines have up-to-date equipment. Whether you are migrating to a new technology, extending the life of an existing system, or developing a new program, Keysight has choices to assist you in refreshing your test equipment, without exceeding your capital or operating budget.

Documents & Downloads

Refresh Your Lab. Do it Smarter. Infographic 
You need choices to help keep your lab functioning at its full potential. That's why there's Keysight Technology Refresh.

Unspecified 2017-07-21

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Why Modernize your Keysight Signal Generator? Migration Guide 
Now is the time to upgrade or migrate your signal generator. See the details.

Reference Guide 2018-01-23

Why Modernize your Keysight Signal Analyzer? - Migration Guide 
Now is the time to trade in your signal analyzer to get the latest technology.

Brochure 2017-10-23

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Why Modernize your Keysight Vector Network Analyzer? - Migration Guide 
Now is the time to upgrade or migrate your Vector Network Analyzer. See the details.

Brochure 2017-10-31

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The Real “Total Cost of Ownership” of Your Test Equipment - Article Reprint 
This paper covers a TCO model for electronic T&M equipment and shows how operating costs can be critical drivers in reducing total cost of ownership beyond simply lowering acquisition (capital) costs.

Application Note 2019-09-29

Keysight Technology Refresh Services - Brochure 
With Keysight technology solutions, you can maximize test asset value and increase productivity.

Brochure 2016-05-05

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Four Critical Success Factors for a Tech Refresh - Solution Brief  
To maximize your return on investment (ROI), limit unscheduled downtime, and make a smooth transformation of your test flow your need a comprehensive, cost-effective technology refresh strategy.

Solution Brief 2017-04-26

Four Ways to Increase Profitability with a Tech Refresh - Solution Brief 
Maximize test asset value. At some point, your assets will show it's age and it's time to evaluate a technology refresh strategy.

Solution Brief 2017-04-26

Your Guide to Technology Refresh Choices: How to Balance Evolving Technology and Cost - eBook 
Your guide to managing high stake choices between evolving technology and cost. Learn more to maximize test asset value, lower cost, secure the right technology and get to market on time.

Downloadable File 2017-06-22