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N9010AK-R2C and N9020AK-R2C, Revise to Current Information

This option provides access to the latest enhancements in the core instrument software of your X-Series signal anlayzer equipped with N9060A Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Application. 

  • Includes a license redemption entitlement certificate to enable the following set of core instrument software enhancement licenses
  • The licenses activate the latest minor enhancements for the listed versions of software at time of redemption
  • This list of minor enhancements ship standard on new instruments and is updated when and if available

Analyzers equipped with N9060B Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Application access core instrument minor enhancements directly via instrument softwtare downloads and do not require purchase of this option.  N9060B is included in all analyzers running Window 7 operating system which is also available separately for upgrade.

Resolved signal analyzer software issues are available at no charge and do not require Option R2C.  Simply download and install the latest X-Series instrument software for your operating system.

Signal & Spectrum Anlayzer Fimrware/Software Update Center


Release Date FW Version Option R2C Upgrade License Minor Enhancements
23-July-2013 A.13.07 N9010A-FS1 or N9020A-FS1
  1. Fast sweep capability (Option B40, DP2, or MPB is required)
01-November-2012 A.11.03 N9060A-7FP
  1. Customized register key naming
  2. Zero Span delay compensation
  3. Enable FT sweeps in spurious emission measurement (PowerSuite enhancement)
  4. HiSLIP (High Speed LAN instrument protocol) support
22-February-2012 A.10.04 N9060A-6FP
  1. I/Q analyzer improvements
  2. TV Trigger
31-August-2011 A.08.54 N9060A-5FP
  1. 18 carrier ACP
18-May-2010 A.04.26 N9060A-4FP
  1. TOI measurements
  2. Harmonics measurements
01-May-2009 A.02.07 N9060A-3FP
  1. Amplitude corrections
  2. Limit Lines
  3. 40,001 trace points
  4. Y-axis antenna units