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How do I clear the External Reference Warning on the display?

When the reference is set to external and the reference signal is lost, the UXG displays an External Reference Warning notification. To remove the notification, perform any one of the following procedures:

  1. With FW ≥A.01.30, restore the external reference signal and the UXG display of the External Reference Warning notification should clear within approximately 15 seconds.
  2. After restoring the external reference signal, press the Clear Ext Ref Warning softkey. This only clears the warning notification, not the instrument error message nor the error queue. To clear the error queue, press System > Error Info > Clear Error Queue(s).
  3. Execute the following SCPI commands: 
  • :SOUR:ROSC:AUTO ON – sets the reference back to auto detect and in approximately 3-5 seconds, clears the warning notification
  • :SYST:ERR? – if desired, clear the error queue of the error message(s) –to clear the error queue of all error message, keep executing the command until all error messages are gone (the query response shows “+0, “No error””)
  • :SOUR:ROSC:SOUR EXT – (after restoring the external reference signal) restores the reference selection back to an external reference and receive a notification if the external reference signal is lost again