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What processor and operating system must I have in my N9020A, MXA or N9030A, PXA or N9038A, MXE Analyzer in order to use options RT1 or RT2, Real Time Spectrum Analyzer?

The instrument must have one of the following processor and operating system configurations:

  1. PC2 Processor and Windows XP operating system
  2. PC4 or PC6 Processor and Windows 7 operating system
  3. PC6 Processor and Windows 10 operating system.

For additional information about upgrading the PXA or MXA to Real Time, go to

To find out what processor and which operating system your instrument currently has, press [System], {Show}, {System} on the front panel of the instrument. The screen image below is an example of how the processor and operating system that are used in the instrument are identified.  In this example, the processor is a PC2 and the operating system is Windows XP, so in terms of processor and operating system, this instrument would meet the real time criteria.

If there is no entry for the operating system in the Show, System display illustrated below, the operating system is Windows XP.


Important Notes:

  1. If the instrument has a PC4 Processor and Windows XP operating system, the instrument must be upgraded to Windows 7. An upgrade to Windows 10 requires a PC6 CPU and solid state drive with Win 10.
  2. A PC2 Processor is not compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Complete details about upgrading the processor and/or operating system in the instrument can be found here