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[VBA Sample Program] Recommended VBA package for E5071C


This is the package of popular VBA programs for the E5071C. By clicking on the self-extracting package file, you can easily install the packaged VBA programs and their PDF manuals to the desired folder of the E5071C's D drive.

Packaged VBA programs

  • Save Trace Data VBA
  • ENA Setup Wizard VBA
  • ENA Amplifier Measurement Wizard VBA
  • ENA Mixer Measurement Wizard VBA
  • USB Power Sensor Measurement Wizard
  • Error Term Viewer Sample VBA
  • Adapter Characterization VBA (equivalent to the program preinstalled in the E5070B/71B)

Installation procedure

  • Put the self-extracting package file "E5071C_VBApackage.exe" to your USB memory stick or the E5071C's D drive.
  • From the explorer of the E5071C, double-click on the exe file. The dialog box will appear.
  • Specify your desired folder, and click on the [Unzip] button on the dialog box.
  • The VBA programs and their PDF manuals will be extracted to the specified folder.
  • Close the dialog window.

Documents & Downloads


Programming Example 2014-11-05

null EXE 8.33 MB