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What 8960 settings might I need to change from the default power-on state to get my W-CDMA mobile to connect on a call?

W-CDMA is a very flexible technology that requires the UE firmware, 8960 settings, and uSIM values to be consistent. If you are experiencing difficulty with Location Update, Authentication, or Call Connection, try some of these settings, one at a time, with a power cycle of the UE after each change:

  1. Set "RLC Reestablish" to 'OFF'
  2. Set UL CL Power Ctrl Algorithm to 'One'
  3. Set the "Cell Parameter" "ATT Flag State" to "Set"
  4. Under "Security Settings", set "Security Operations" to 'Auth. & Int', and try both "Authentication Algorithms" individually
  5. Attempt an emergency call, as in "911" or "112"
  6. Ensure you have selected the correct frequency banded DL and UL channel numbers
  7. Turn 'OFF' any "RF IN/OUT Ampld Offset" values