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MMIC Design Seminar Videos for Advanced Design System

The MMIC Design Seminar videos listed in the table below will help you get started with learning more about using Keysight EEsof EDA's Advanced Design System (ADS) in MMIC applications.

ADS MMIC Design Seminar Demos
# Duration
Video Description More Information
1 00:00:00   Generating X-parameters from Circuit Level Designs This series of four demonstration videos shows how to generate fast and accurate behavioral models based on X-parameters* generated from a circuit-level design.   X-parameters
2 00:14:38   Layout Tool Bar This custom toolbar provides fast and easy access to standard ADS functions and enhanced ADS capabilities to improve productivity. Also shown are various synchronization modes that allow designers start designs from either Layout or schematic page.   ADS 2009 Update 1
3 00:09:08   Optimization Cockpit in ADS 2009 Update 1 This video provides an introduction to the use of Advanced Design System's new Optimization Cockpit.   ADS 2009 Update 1
4 00:17:06   Keysight NVNA and X-parameter Simulation in ADS This video highlights Keysight's Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (NVNA) and X-parameter simulation with ADS.   X-parameters
5 00:07:13   Maury Load Pull with X-parameters in ADS This video shows the NVNA used with the Maury Load Pull System to extract an X-parameter model that is used directly in ADS for design and simulation.   X-parameters
6 00:57:31   Front to back MMIC Design with ADS This video demonstrates the design flow steps in ADS to ensure a first pass success with the lowest cost and highest yield.   Front-to-Back MMIC Design Flow with ADS | MMIC Design Seminar Materials
7 00:14:38   MMIC Layout Enhancements This video shows some of the layout enhancements provided in ADS 2009.   Layout | MMIC Design Seminar Materials
8 00:11:57   MMIC Layout This video uses a one-stage, low noise amplifier design to demonstrate the new MMIC layout features in ADS.   Layout | MMIC Design Seminar Materials
9 00:08:03   Trace and Via Insertion This video shows how easy it is to perform trace and automatic via insertion in ADS.   Trace and Via Insertion | MMIC Design Seminar Materials
10 00:04:49   Design Rule Checker This video highlights enhancements in the DRC tool and user interface in ADS 2008.   Design Rule Checker | MMIC Design Seminar Materials
11 00:35:56   Design for Manufacturing This video demonstrates how designers can create and transform existing designs into robust designs with one pass success and high yield. Using ADS's DFM tools, designers can create rock-solid circuits that will function as needed while meeting required design specifications.    Design for Manufacturing | MMIC Design Seminar Materials
12 00:28:45   Design of Experiments This video shows how DOE can help to pinpoint sensitive parts or areas in your designs that can cause problems with yeild.   Design of Experiments | MMIC Design Semiar Materials
13 00:26:40   Yield Sensitivity Histograms This video describes how yield sensitivity histograms can act as a circuit design x-ray to help pinpoint where problems are occuring in your designs, ultimately helping you to solve difficult problems resulting in much higher yield and design consistency.   Yield Sensitivity Histograms | MMIC Design Seminar Materials
14 00:13:39   DFM Sensitivity Analysis This video shows how to analyze the sensitivity of specific components in your design.   Sensitivity Analysis | MMIC Design Seminar Materials
15 00:07:00   Package and Bondwire Effects This video describes how ADS's electromagnetic (EM) analysis tools can help you analyze the effects of package and bond wires on your final design.   Package and Bondwire Effects with EMDS

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* "X-parameters" is a trademark of Keysight Technologies, Inc. The X-parameter format and underlying equations are open and documented. For more information click here.