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Is there a sample program for acquiring Noise Figure and Gain Data from the Keysight NFA Series of Noise Figure Analyzers?

The following programming example is provided as a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) running under Microsoft Excel. The application was developed utilizing the Keysight I/O Libraries Suite 15 and the  VISA32.bas libraries.

The application allows for acquisition of swept noise figure and gain data from an NFA Series analyzer (N8972A, N8973A, N8974A and N8975A) directly into an Excel spreadsheet.

Documents & Downloads

Excel-based NFA Data Acquisition file (.xlsm) 

Misc Item 2009-01-15

Help file for the ‘NFA_Data_Acq_Application.xlsm’ Excel application (PDF)  
This document outlines how to configure, connect and use the Excel-based NFA data acquisition file.

Misc Item 2009-01-15

null PDF 563 KB
NFA Noise Figure Analyzer Programmer's Guide  
Programmer's guide with explanations on how to program the analyzer using SCPI commands. For use with the NFA Series noise figure analyzers: N8972A, N8973A, N8974A, N8975A.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2001-05-01

null PDF 3.32 MB
NFA Noise Figure Analyzer User's Guide  
User's guide for the NFA Series noise figure analyzers: N8972A, N8973A, N8974A, N8975A.

User Manual 2013-02-01

NFA Series Noise Figure Analyzer, Programming Examples 
This Product Note contains programming examples of measurement scenarios written in pseudo code, to enable the automated control of the NFA Series Noise Figure Analyzers using SCPI standard commands.

Application Note 2000-11-27

null PDF 1.19 MB