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B1500A Application Test : Multi-channel Timing On-The-Fly NBTI Test Method

Library Installation:

Install this software update in the following instrument.

B1500A with EasyEXPERT
Import this application test definition into the EasyEXPERT Library.

"NBTI(Id)-Mch" application test definition is imported in the new "NBTI" library category.


This application test definition runs on EasyEXPERT A.02.10 or later.


Refer to the application note in Documents and Downloads below.

Documents & Downloads

Timing-on-the-fly-NBTI (Id)-Mch 
Initial release application test definition

Programming Example 2007-02-28

null ZIP 26 KB
AN B1500A-8 Multi-Channel Parallel Timing-on-the-fly NBTI Characterization Using Keysight B1500A 
This four-page application note details how to implement the parallel NBTI using the B1500A by showing a preparation of the device setup for parallel testing.

Application Note 2007-04-01