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How can I change the sweep rate or resolution bandwidth of the spectrum analyzer in the Keysight 8920A,B, 8921A, 8924C,E?

The spectrum analyzer's sweep time is not user adjustable. It is a function of the span and resolution bandwidth (RBW). The resolution bandwidth is determined by the frequency span selected. The following table gives the approximate sweep rate in Hz/second for a given span. These should be used as guidelines for overall update rate of the spectrum analyzer:

FREQ SPAN Res. Bandwidth SWEEP RATE (kHz)

< 50 kHz 0.3 28.6 kHz/second

< 200 kHz 1.0 329.0 kHz/second

< 1.5 MHz 3.0 3.0 MHz/second

< 3 MHz 30.0 21.4 MHz/second

< 18 MHz 30.0 36.3 MHz/second

< 200 MHz 300.0 257.0 MHz/second

> 200 MHz 300.0 1000.0 MHz/second

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