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How does the Keysight 8920B test for mobile authentication?

1. From any screen, select CALL CNTL from the To Screen menu (you may have to select More first).

2. Choose the System type for testing on the CALL CONTROL screen (for example, DCCH or AMPS).

3. Go to the To Screen menu and choose AUTHEN.

4. On the AUTHENTICATION screen, set Authent to the On.

5. Return to the CALL CONTROL screen.

6. Select the CC Order field to send the order for a unique challenge (UC) or shared secret data (SSD) update to the mobile.

The test set simulates the base station, challenging the mobile. The mobile will take the random words (RAND_U) and compose its response based on SSD numbers in the mobile and then send back the authentication response. If the response is correct, the test set indicates that authentication is successful. If the unique challenge is not successful, then an SSD update is done. If the SSD update is successful, then the UC can be successful.

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