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Low Source Impedance on Keysight 8920 Audio Output

The 8920 Family of instruments have a very low source impedance (< 1 ohm) for the audio generator so that a voltage level set by the audio generator is almost entirely delivered to the load under test (DUT, Device Under Test). For example, when the 8920 is set to a level of 259 mV having a 1 ohm source impedance applied to a 600 ohm load, 258.6 mV are actually applied:

Voltage applied = Voltage set

V applied = 259 mV (600/600+1)

V applied = 259 mV (0.9983)

V applied = 258.6 mV

Whereas if the 8920 had a 600 ohm output impedance then the set voltage would not reflect the actual applied voltage:

Voltage applied DOES NOT = Voltage set

V applied = 259 mV (600/600+600)

V applied = 259 mV (0.50)

V applied = 129.5 mV

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