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What are the differences between the 8920A and 8921A?

The 8921A was introduced to provide a focused solution to cell site test customers. The 8921A is basically a fully loaded 8920A with the following options:

  • 001
  • 002
  • 003
  • 004
  • 013 (an option is available on the 8921A to allow replacement of
  • 014
  • 050

Other differences between the 8920A and 8921A are:

- The 8921A has a 30 kHz IF filter vs the 15 kHz filter in the 8920A (this was changed to allow us to decode the wide band data for our 11807B Option 120 CALM software).

- The 8921A includes the hardware hooks necessary to allow upgrade to NADC/TDMA and CDMA cell-site testing.

- Improved performance for power measurement accuracy, 5%

- Improved residual FM,

  • < 7 Hz, 250 kHz < Fc < 1000 MHz
  • < 4 Hz, 250 MHz < Fc < 500 MHz

The 8921A is fully loaded to allow customers to do cellular base and mobile AMPS testing.

We have developed the 11807B software to run on the 8921A and only support it on the 8921A.

This means that the 11807B software is not supported on 8920s. We do have periodic revisions to the 11807B code to accommodate a new revision of NEMs cell site software, to add an enhancement or to fix identified bugs. When a new revision is released, and the customer has purchased the Software Update Service, they will receive the new software usually within 30 days of the new release. If the customer has not purchased the Software Update Service they can still purchase individual software upgrades from their Keysight Field Engineer.