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Is it possible to reset the 8970A,B Noise Figure ENR table values to factory default?

Yes. Special function 95.6 sets the current ENR table values to 15.20dB and the Noise Source ID to 00000.


1. The equivalent GHIB command to recall the factory default ENR table values is "ND".

2. Resetting the ENR values to default DOES NOT STORE the default ENR values.

3. In order to permanently store the values in to the ENR storage tables the user must follow the steps below:

4. First RECALL the ENR table which will be reset to default, i.e. RECALL - ENR - N (where N equals the ENR table number)

5. Now reset the recalled ENR table to the default values, i.e. 95.6 - SPECIAL FUNCTION

6. Now RE-STORE the ENR table with the default values, i.e. STORE - ENR - N (where N equals the ENR table number)