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Where can I find manuals for discontinued Keysight, Agilent and Hewlett-Packard test equipment?

Search for Your Product by Model Number: We provide downloadable PDF manuals for most discontinued Keysight, Keysight and HP test products. Type your model number into  Search at the top of this page, and click on Search. You can then click on the "Manuals" link in the "Technical Support" links list for your product.

If Search doesn't find it here, try our vendor list.  All of the Keysight, Keysight and HP test instrument manuals we have in digital form are now online.  If you searched the site and didn't find one, please look to the other vendors we reference below.  They will often have old manuals that they can sell to you.

Help us share old manuals! If you have an electronic copy of an old HP, Keysight or Keysight manual, we'd like to share it with your test colleagues. Send a brief email letting us know what you have. I have a manual to share (

The following companies may have manuals available for discontinued and obsolete Keysight and HP test equipment. You will leave the Keysight website when clicking on these links.

Vendors and Providers of Keysight/HP Manuals
Company Email Address Website URL
ArtekMedia http:// 
BesTek Document Services 
Brooke Clarke 
Consolidated Surplus http:// 
Dr. David Kirkby 
Geller Labs 
Global Test Equipment, Inc. 
Mary Ann Van Meter 

National Test Equipment 
Test Equipment Solutions 

Tucker Electronics 
Valuetronics International Inc. 
Vintage Hewlett-Packard Archive