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Antenna Design for Aerospace & Defense Applications

Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) is Keysight EEsof EDA's three-dimensional electromagnetic (3D EM) antenna design software that addresses many of the challenges encountered in both commercial and military applications. Empro:

  • Operates in a business- as well as the design risk management area.
  • Facilitates cross-functional teamwork; antenna designers can seemlessly and efficiently exchange information with industrial/mechanical designers with regard to shape and position of antennas.
  • Guarantees and optimizes electromagnetic (EM) performance of devices.
  • Improves the end-user efficiency and safety by introducing the real world directly into the simulation.

Why Choose EMPro for Antenna Physical Placement Design?

EMPro ensures efficient design iteration between the Antenna and Industrial product designer.

AMDS Showing Surface Currents

The intelligent CAD data interface in EMPro seamlessly imports and exports complete wireless appliance structures created by industry-standard CAD packages.

Unlike traditional 3D EM tools where each import requires at least a half-day of manual simulation parameter redefinition, EMPro's hierarchical import algorithm requires only a first-time definition. Thereafter, physical product shape iterations and antenna placement analyses can be performed repeatedly without the time and error of manual redefinition.

EMPro enables you save up to 70% of your model and setup time when compared to competitive tools.

Simulate Without Compromise

Often the electromagnetic size of a problem only allows simulation of an isolated antenna and ground-plane. The antenna behavior can change seriously depending on the shape of the military vehicle it is placed in.

AMDS Far Field Plots

All of this must be considered in EM performance simulations, but antenna designers often comprise accuracy with increased failure risk by simplifying the problem to fit within acceptable computation time and memory. However, this forces designers to rely on physical tests which add severe business risks by delaying time-to-market.

EMPro eliminates the compromise on accuracy by enabling you to efficiently import, mesh and simulate not just the antenna, but also its surrounding environment such as an automobile or aircraft, and fit the entire design challenge within the size of the available acceleration Hardware and Software.

AMDS Radar Cross-Section

EMPro has a complete set of stimulation waveforms available to efficiently simulate very large electromagnetic design challenges.

Be Prepared for the Next Level of Complexity!

The example below illustrates the use of scripting functionality to calculate the far-field for a 25x25 element array.

AMDS Scripting Functionality

Here the scripting functionality enables you to automate the creation of the basic patch element and feed wire, then multiply and position the patch elements over the array. The mesh is automatically set and excitation sources with the appropriate phase shifts are attached to each feed wire.

You can use the script to identify the data that needs to be saved and run the simulation. This broadband simulation example ran 1 hour and 3 minutes on an accelerated workstation.

The script is also used to steer the beam direction by changing the phase shift.

AMDS far field plot plus simulated impedances & measured results

In the example above, the far field plot is on the left-hand side, the simulated antenna impedances are in the middle, and the measured results follow on the right-hand side.

Porting a planar antenna design to a curved surface is a challenge for many simulators. The accurate meshing capability of EMPro will give you results that optimally fit your measurements.

Ensure Your Handheld Military Appliances Pass the Reality Test

Take advantage of EM simulator developments for the high-volume commercial wireless appliances market. Develop your military applications using state-of-the art utilities with proven quality.

AMDS Military Applications

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