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86122A Online Help Revision 1.0

The 86122A Online Help contains the information that would traditionally be in the User and Programmer guides.

To download and view the 86122A Help on your PC:

The 86122A Help download is for Microsoft Windows® 95/98/NT or above

  1. Create the folder C:\86122A_HELP on your PC
  2. Download and save the file below to C:\86122A_HELP. This is a self-extracting archive.
  3. To extract the help files, from Windows Explorer, double-click on the downloaded file.
  4. Double-click MWM.HELP to view the help file. You can do this outside your web browser, but you do not need to exit the browser.
  5. To remove all files and the 86122A Help from your PC, delete the folder C:\86122A_HELP and all its contents.

Documents & Downloads

English version 86122A Online Help Revision 1.0 
English version 86122A Online Help Revision 1.0

Misc Item 2002-09-23