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Which upgrade kit should be ordered for the E5100A JP4KC00945 to install the latest hardware?

To install the latest hardware (JP5KCxxxxx), one of the following upgrade kits should be ordered.
The E5100U-093 Upgrade Kit is suitable for the E5100A JP4KC00945 with B/W LCD.

E5100A / E5100B Hardware Configurations
ModelSerial PrefixLCDROM (A1)SIMM (A1)GSP (A2)DSP (A3)Upgrade KitInstallation
E5100AJP1KC00101 - JP1KC00317B/W1 MB4 MBGSP-1DSP-1E5100U-0912.5 hours
E5100AJP2KC00318 - JP3KC00536B/W1 MB8 MBGSP-1DSP-2E5100U-0912.5 hours
E5100AJP2KC00318 - JP3KC00536COLOR1 MB8 MBGSP-2DSP-2E5100U-0921.5 hours
E5100AJP4KC00537 - JP4KC01245B/W4 MB8 MBGSP-1DSP-2E5100U-0932.0 hours
E5100AJP4KC00537 - JP4KC01245COLOR4 MB8 MBGSP-2DSP-2E5100U-0941.0 hours
E5100BJP1KC00101 - JP1KC00132B/W1 MB4 MBGSP-1DSP-1E5100U-0912.5 hours
E5100BJP2KC00133 - JP3KC00189B/W1 MB8 MBGSP-1DSP-1E5100U-0912.5 hours
E5100BJP2KC00133 - JP3KC00189COLOR1 MB4 MBGSP-2DSP-1E5100U-0921.5 hours
E5100BJP4KC00190 - JP4KC00275B/W4 MB4 MBGSP-1DSP-1E5100U-0952.5 hours
E5100BJP4KC00190 - JP4KC00275COLOR4 MB4 MBGSP-2DSP-1E5100U-0961.5 hours
E5100BJP4KC00276 - JP4KC00352B/W4 MB8 MBGSP-1DSP-1E5100U-0952.5 hours
E5100BJP4KC00276 - JP4KC00352COLOR4 MB8 MBGSP-2DSP-1E5100U-0961.5 hours
E5100A/BJP5KC0xxxx -COLOR4 MB8 MBGSP-2DSP-2--

GSP-1 is P/N : E5100-66502
GSP-2 is P/N : E5000-66502
DSP-1 is P/N : E5100-66513
DSP-2 is P/N : E5100-66593