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SystemVue Key Features

SystemVue is an EDA environment for electronic system-level (ESL) design that enables system architects and algorithm developers to innovate the physical layer (PHY) of next-generation wireless and aerospace/defense communications systems. The SystemVue Communications Architect is the core environment, with essential simulators and libraries. It includes many capabilities that are not found in other ESL tools, or are only available as added-cost options. Optional capabilities are also available.

For more information about SystemVue, refer to the SystemVue brochure.

SystemVue ESL SoftwareKey Features

  • Core environment
    • Easy to use, multi-threaded, advanced Windows® application
    • Polymorphic design entry supports model-based design flow (GUI blocks, language-based C++ or math, VHDL)
    • Scripting, graphs and file I/O streamline verification tasks
    • Real-time tuning and Live Report windows support “living” interactive studies of complex systems
    • Easily encapsulate existing IP in a variety of formats and consolidate disjointed flows in one tool
    • Priced and licensed attractively for networked workgroups, compared to industry alternatives
  • Custom C++ model development interface
    • Build floating-point and fixed-point models in C++
    • Debug models using standard familiar Microsoft® Visual Studio® interface
  • Native math language and debugger
    • Native support for hundreds of communications-oriented math functions and syntax
    • Both text and GUI interfaces for easy model creation, simulation and verification
    • Familiar command-line interface, interactive debugger and TCP/IP links, which replace multiple licenses required by other environments
  • High-performance dataflow simulation engine
    • Supports complex RF envelope carriers, timed synchronous dataflow and dynamic dataflow for high-performance modern PHY’s with RF effects, including “throughput” measurements and cognitive radio
    • Advanced Scheduler with native multi-rate allows complex topologies
    • Multi-threaded for faster simulation on multi-core CPUs
    • Support for external HDL and MATLAB co-simulation
  • Model physical layer effects with versatile block sets
    • RF, DSP, comms, logic, and channel blocks, included in the base platform
    • Handles analog effects such as phase noise, S-parameters, zero IF DC offsets, frequency-dependence, and more
  • Links to measurement and hardware verification
    • TCP/IP I/O interaction with instruments embedded directly within dataflow simulations, or from a command line
    • Re-use the same verification set-ups, scripts, test vectors, and wireless IP as you move from algorithm into test
    • Keysight 89601 Vector Signal Analysis (VSA) software highly recommended for use as a real-time data source or visualization sink
    • SystemVue installs directly inside many Keysight test instruments creating whole new personalities
  • Digital filter synthesis
    • FIR, IIR and analog communications filter types
    • View time and frequency domains, interact graphically
    • Instantiate filters directly from system blocks with a mouse click

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