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Who uses SystemVue?

The ESL Design Notebook and the ESL Applications Center are valuable resources for application related content. The ESL Design Notebook is the blog home of Electronic System-Level Design at Keysight highlighting applications, news, and opinions from a cross-discipline, system-level approach to design and verification in communications and defense. The ESL Applications Center hosts a number of sortable application examples highlighting Keysight’s broad range of ESL applications, design functions and product areas. 

SystemVue Users  
SystemVue for PHY System Architects

SystemVue provides a simple and easy "model-based design" workflow, with multi-domain modeling for RF, baseband, and algorithms.  It provides fast, link-level analysis of Layer 1 systems, and links Baseband and RF architectures together with implementation and test, so that practical systems are designed quickly and shared easily. For more information, refer to the W1465BP SystemVue System Architect.
SystemVue for PHY System Architects
SystemVue for RF System Architects

SystemVue provides RF architects with accurate models and innovative analysis tools in their native frequency domain, enhancing them with vector modulation analysis and link-level coded performance.  SystemVue also connects with both circuit level design flows (such as Keysight ADS) and baseband designers, as part of a system-level cockpit that follows through into verification. For more information, refer to the W1464BP SystemVue RF System Architect.
SystemVue for RF System Architects
SystemVue for RF Hardware Designers

SystemVue is a native baseband environment, but unlike traditional math/DSP tools, "speaks enough RF" to complement and communicate with existing RF toolsets. SystemVue also reaches beyond the RF-oriented system tools in ADS, GoldenGate, and other analog platforms to connect RF designers in more meaningful ways to teams doing baseband and system-level design, enabling cross-domain model-based design. For more information, refer to theW1464BP SystemVue RF System Architect.
SystemVue for RF Hardware Designers
SystemVue for PHY System Verifiers

SystemVue brings Keysight-grade reference IP and simple modeling of analog/RF effects to the entire baseband signal-processing design flow. Virtualize the entire Physical Layer of your design, including the RF, to accelerate your design flow and establish interoperability at the earliest possible point in your project, while providing configurable, bit-true, cycle-accurate test vectors for hardware design. For more information, refer to the  W1461BP SystemVue Comms Architect.
QPSK RF Models Spectrum
SystemVue for Baseband Hardware Designers

SystemVue provides bit-true, cycle accurate modeling of fixed-point algorithms with automatic VHDL/Verilog code generation that fits with existing FPGA or ASIC flows and is portable to any target. SystemVue fixed point design is a fast verify-in-place approach to model-based design that saves time and NRE and produces production worthy designs. For more information, refer to the   W1462BP SystemVue FPGA Architect.
SystemVue Schematic
SystemVue for Baseband Algorithms

SystemVue is an open, target-neutral environment that accommodates a rich variety of modeling languages and formats, and provides a free, in-platform math-language parser/debugger. It also connects to superior RF modeling, instruments, and reference IP to produce algorithms that work, to provide your model-based design flow with the best possible head start. For more information, refer to the  W1461BP SystemVue Comms Architect.
SystemVue DQPSK Example

Keysight EEsof EDA works closely with industry partners to help deliver solutions that meet our customers' needs. For more information, refer to SystemVue Partners.

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