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Power Integrity Workshop

Power Integrity WorkshopThank you for your interest in our recent seminar. The presentations below were covered during the event and are available for you to download. Each zip file below includes a PDF of the presentation slides and the associated PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) workspace.

This intensive Power Integrity (PI) Workshop provides the necessary skills to tackle everyday PI challenges with PathWave ADS.

The workshop covers the elegant flat impedance design technique for decoupling capacitors and shows how PathWave ADS can simulate the full VRM to Load Power Integrity ecosystem. In depth sections will cover the skills needed to generate a PDN impedance mask, to create measured models for capacitors with the mounting inductance removed, to model the VRM with state space average behavioral models, and to run EM simulations with decoupling.

The hands-on approach enables you to gain confidence in your ability to apply these skills on your own. After attending this complimentary workshop, you will be able to resolve most Power Integrity related issues with PathWave ADS

Selecting Decoupling Capacitors for Flat Impedance (ZIP, 14.9 MB) includes:

  • 01_Slides_PI Workshop_Selecting Decoupling Capacitors for Flat Impedance.pdf
  • 200128_ADS_PI_Lab1_TargetZ_wrk.7zads (ADS Archive)

Understanding the Target Impedance Mask (ZIP, 3.70 MB) includes:

  • 02_Slides_PI_Workshop_Understanding the Target Impedance Mask.pdf
  • 200128_ADS_PI_Lab2_Load_wrk.7zads

How to Build a VRM Model for Tuning PSRR and Output Z (ZIP, 15.4 MB) includes:

  • 03_Slides_PI_Workshop_How to Build a VRM Model for Tuning PSRR and Output Z.pdf
  • 200128_ADS_PI_Lab3b_Create_VRM_Model_wrk.7zads

Measure, Model and Simulate Capacitors (ZIP, 5.13 MB) includes:

  • 04_Slides_PI Workshop_Measure, Model and Simulate Capacitors.pdf
  • 190219_ADS_PI_Lab2_CapModel_2prtShunt_v2wrk.7zads

Optimizing the Power Integrity Ecosystem (ZIP, 30.2 MB) includes:

  • 05_Slides_PI Workshop_Optimizing the Power Integrity Ecosystem.pdf
  • 200128_ADS_PI_Lab4_DeCap_Optimize_wrk.7zads

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