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Foundry Partners - United Monolithic Semiconductors

United Monolithic Semiconductors

Foundry Partner UMS - Guillaume Callet

UMS Provides PDKs for Keysight ADS  — Guillaume Callet, Advanced Process Engineer, describes how United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) partners with Keysight Technologies.

UMS foundry delivers a range of processes and services that bring value and benefit to clients. State-of-the-art systems, design kits, and scalable reliable models, support the design and production of high performance GaAs and GaN MMICs.

In support of foundry services, training and mentoring is available from UMS' highly experienced professionals, who have depth and breadth of experience in the design and application of GaAs and GaN technologies in successful Defense, Aerospace, Telecoms, Automotive and Industrial solutions.

The ADS PDK support matrix is given below:

UMS Process Design Kits
Process Name Process Description ADS Front/Back PDK Momentum Substrate MMIC Toolbar DRC LVS -
PH25 Lg=0,25µm Low noise PHEMT GaAs 2012+ F/B Y Y Y Y Y


PH15 Lg=0,15µm Low noise PHEMT GaAs  2012+ F/B Y Y Y N
PH10  Lg=0,1µm Low noise PHEMT GaAs  2012+ F/B Y Y Y N
PPH25  Lg=0,25µm power and multipurpose PHEMT GaAs 2012+ F/B Y Y Y N
PPH25X Lg=0,25µm High Power PHEMT GaAs 2012+ F/B Y Y Y N
PPH15X-10  Lg=0,25µm High Power High Frequency PHEMT GaAs 2012+ F/B


PPH15X-20 Lg=0,25µm High Power High Linearity PHEMT GaAs 2012+ F/B Y Y Y N
HB20M  HBT VCO (GaInP/GaAs)  2012+ F N Y Y N
HB20P  HBT Power (GaInP/GaAs)  2012+ F N Y N N
HP07  MESFET GaAs process  2012+ F/B N Y Y N
BES  GaAs Schottky Integrated process  2012+ F/B Y Y N N
ULRC-20  GaAs passive process  2012+ F/B Y Y Y N
GH25 GaN Lg=0,25µm Power Hemt Process  2012+ F/B Y Y Y N

Note: For EM simulations, UMS recommends customers use ADS 2016.01.

The PDKs are distributed by UMS and are available for immediate use with the Keysight ADS software.


Contact your foundry partner directly for downloading the latest ADS PDKs. United Monolithic Semiconductors 

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