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Get to know our new TrueIR thermal imagers through these application notes

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Confidently detect problems with 4 times better resolution using our new U5850 series TrueIR thermal imagers. Get 320 x 240 pixels of in-camera fine resolution from its detector resolution of 160 x 120 pixels. With the built-in image logging capability, easily track performance of the system you monitor at a specific interval. Plus, you can analyze temperature changes over time with trending graph. Coupled with the powerful manual focus feature, users can focus on an object as close as 10 cm away – our solution provides clearer and sharper thermal images that reveal finer details.

Learn how these new test tools improves your efficiency with predictive and preventive maintenance tasks. View our application notes and tips in thermography by clicking on the links below: 

Read and understand more on the Fine Resolution capability and how it can help to improve resolution of thermal images by four folds.
 See how the TrueIR thermal imager is used for inspections as well as possible causes of hot spots on electrical systems.
This document describes how to measure the unknown emissivity of objects of materials, with the TrueIR thermal imager. This application brief describes how you can detect potential faults in your photovoltaic panel without disrupting the system.
See how the TrueIR thermal imager is used to provide faster, better insight into making temperature measurements. This application brief describes a measurement method using the TrueIR thermal imager for temperature characterization of power MOSFETS and IGBT modules.


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