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TestExec SL 7.1 Overview

Keysight TestExec SL continues to boost productivity by offering unique advantages for test plan development and ease of use.

The key features in TestExec SL 7.1 include:

  • Multithreading Capability. With multithreading introduced in TestExec SL’s execution, it allows you to execute multiple test statements simultaneously. It increases execution throughput and decreases unnecessary idle time.
  • IVI-COM Actions. This feature allows users to create actions without coding. All the IVI-COM DLL and functions will be automatically reflected in the .NET action style. This helps to create actions and run instruments with IVI-COM driver without actual coding with it.

In addition, there is a list of interesting enhancements to serve you better!

  • Undo Delete. You can now perform one level of undo for actions or statements that have been made.
  • Testplan Variants. This enhancement on the UI editor allows you to select a testplan variant directly from the testplan editor.
  • Change Indicator. You will now find an “*” appearing on the document title indicating that a testplan has been created or modified but has yet to be saved.
  • Throughput Multiplier. You can view or set an action’s parameters and limits for each UUT from the Actions tab. For the selected UUT, its limits for an action are displayed in the Limits tab.
  • State-Based Switching. You can switch a series of switches at 1 go. This works for switching devices that support sending multiple commands in a single command, and thus speed up switching time by reducing the total number of transactions and the waiting time for the switches to change state.
  • Action Step. The default action step is now set to ‘Execute & Cleanup’. Should you require additional action types, you can customize it in the preferences file.
  • Pre-Selection of Symbols. You can now easily locate a symbol by typing the first character in the symbol editor and the first match will be selected.
  • Save as Previous Version. This flexibility allows you to save a testplan in its previous version. However, features associated with a newer version will be removed after the conversion.
  • Support for Windows 7. This enables you to run TestExec SL on Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit environment.
  • Additional hardware handlers supported. Additional instrument handlers are now provided, enabling you to use Keysight’s current PXI modules portfolio and some new power supplies.