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Can software written from other vendors specific to their devices that utilize NI-488.2 as an I/O Library work with a Keysight GPIB card or converter?

IO Libraries Revisions: Suite 14.1 and greater

Yes with the introduction of the IO Libraries Suite version 14.1, and continuing with later releases, you can now utilize an Agilent GPIB card or converter with third party vendor software written with NI-488.2. Some specific examples include:

  • Electrolines Locator Software
  • Yokogawa's software for the Yokogawa PZ4000 and DA100
  • Rohde & Schwarz ESPC-K1 software

Simply install the Agilent IO Libraries Suite, plug in the GPIB card or connect the converter, turn on Agilent 488 and use the program as you normally would.

To turn on Agilent 488:

Open Agilent Connection Expert, then click Tools > Agilent 488..., then select the check box labeled Enable Agilent GPIB cards for 488 programs.

Last Updated: 01October, 2007