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E5810A: Can I use the E5810A without installing the Keysight IO Libraries Suite?

It is possible to use the E5810A LAN/GPIB gateway with any VISA implementation that supports TCPIP (LAN) resources and the VXI-11.2 TCP/IP Instrument Protocol. NI-VISA version 2.6 or later supports the VXI-11 TCP/IP Instrument Protocol (we suggest NI-VISA 3.6 or later).

The Agilent IO Libraries Suite software does not need to be installed if the following condition(s) are true:

  1. You don’t need to use any Agilent GPIB (other than the E5810A), PXI/PXIe, AXIe, or VXI interfaces
  2. You don’t need to use any Agilent software that requires the Agilent IO Libraries Suite to be installed

To setup the instruments attached to the E5810A in NI-MAX:

1) Install NI-VISA 2.6 or later from 
2) Open NI-MAX. Right click on "Devices and Interfaces" and select "Create New…". This brings up the "Create New …" wizard window.
3) Select “VISA TCP/IP Resource” and click Next
4) Select “Manual Entry of LAN Instrument” and click Next
5) Type the Hostname or IP address of the E5810A.
6) For the LAN Device name, you will use the GPIB address of your E5810A (typically gpib0, view the E5810A web page to change this address) and the address of your instrument, for example address 12. Then click Next.


Note: Make sure to type gpib in lowercase, and don’t put any spaces between the comma and the instrument address.

7) The next screen optionally allows you to assign an alias to the instrument. Leave blank if you do not want an alias, or if you want to choose your alias at a later time. Click Next.
8) Review the address of your instrument attached to the E5810A. You will use this address in your VISA programs. Click Finish to complete the process

You will now see your instrument in the Network Devices section in NI-MAX

Last Revised: 12April, 2011