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World Leading High-Accurate Dk/Df Measurement System for Film, Powder etc., 1GHz - 10GHz

High accuracy
Capable of measuring Ultra-thin films, Powders

KEYCOM’s high precision perturbation method enables you to measure dielectric constant (permittivity, εr) and dielectric loss tangent (tan δ) of such specimens as multi-layered structure, ultra-thin film or ferroelectric materials in the microwave region.
KEYCOM refined the conventional perturbation method that was JIS-standardized in 1992 (JISC2565) by closing the hole into which the specimen is inserted with metal, and the new method is also compliant with ASTMD2520.

ASTMD2520, (JISC2565)

Measurable samples

  • Powders
  • Ultra-thin films
  • multi-layer film
  • solids
  • sheets
  • liquids

(oils etc.)

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