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How do I upgrade the PSA Series APC 3.5 Input Connector Option BAB?

Description of option:
This Option replaces the Standard N Type input connector with an APC 3.5 input connector. Performance, Verification and Adjustments are required after installation.

How to order:
E4440AU and Option BAB

Installation Note or Procedure:
The Installation Note can be found at the following link:

Supported Instruments:
Option BAB is only available for the E4440A.

License Key (Required, Not required):
Required. The license key will be supplied in the Upgrade Kit. You will need to provide the instrument serial number and host id at the time you place the order. The host id can be found by pressing the SYSTEM hardkey followed by the SHOW SYSTEM softkey.

Minimum Firmware Requirements:
All version, but the latest firmware version is recommended.

Performance Verification/Adjustments (Required, Recommended, Not Required)

Information on what is required to run the Performance, Verification Test and Adjustments

Additional Requirements:
No additional hardware is required

Option Incompatibilities:
Not available for the E4443A, E4445A, E4446A and E4448A

Upgrade Installed by:
Customer that is capable of running the PSA Performance, Verification, Tests and Adjustment Software or Keysight Service Centers. The Keysight Service Center will quote labor.

Upgrade Installation Time:
45 Minutes Installation Time, 8.0 hrs. Test Verification Time

Other Considerations/Dependencies Relating to this Upgrade: