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Order / Download the 2015 Lightwave Catalog

Lightwave CataloguesThank you for your interest in Keysight’s free Lightwave Catalog.

New – Bit Error Ratio & Waveform Analysis catalog!

This three-volume set is the largest catalog for high-performance optical T&M products, with information on the new optical modulation analyzer, transceiver test, single and multimode applications, products for the Telecom and Datacom market and also a brand new volume on Bit Error Ratio Test solutions.

You can download the three PDFs here or fill out the form below to receive hard-bound copies.

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Documents & Downloads

Lightwave Catalog: 2015 Optical Component Test Volume 1 - Catalog 
Volume I covers “General Photonic Instruments” to characterize single-mode and multimode fiber-optic components, especially at the physical layer.

Catalogue 2015-01-31

null PDF 1.88 MB
Lightwave Catalog: 2015 Optical-Electrical, Signal Generation, Complex Modulation Analysis Volume 2 
Volume II covers “Optical –Electrical/Polarization/Complex Modulation Analysis“ for the transmission networks.

Catalogue 2015-01-31

null PDF 3.69 MB
Lightwave Catalog: 2015 Bit Error Ratio and Waveform Analysis Volume 3 - Catalog 
Volume III covers “Bit Error Ratio & Waveform Analysis” for data center and cloud environment.

Catalogue 2015-01-31

null PDF 2.41 MB

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