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Can I use the test probe leads marked with CAT III 1000V rating come together with the U1241A/U1242A/U1251A/U1252A/U1253A handheld Multimeter upon purchased for the CAT IV 600V measurement environment?

The U1160A/U1161A/U1165A test lead kit currently marked with CAT III 1000V rating can be used with the U1241A/U1242A/U1251A/U1252A/U1253A multimeter at CAT IV 600V measurement environment. Please ensure the test leads are used together with CAT IV 600V certified U1241A/U1242A/U1251A/U1252A/U1253A multimeter.This can be identified through a CAT IV 600V marking on the unit.

Per IEC 61010-031, the CATIII 1000V test lead is technically same as CATIV 600V. More product information of the Test Lead Kit can be found at the U1241A/U1242A/U1251A/U1252A/U1253A's Product Datasheet at this website.