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SystemVue Configurations

SystemVue can be purchased as the W1461 SystemVue Core environment plus a series of individual modules, or in any of the convenient bundles listed below.

Optional SystemVue Libraries and Application Personalities          
  W1903 Fixed-Point Library   Check   Check
  W1904 Adaptive Equalization Library       Check
  W1717 Hardware Design Kit2   Check   Check
  W1719 RF System Design Kit     Check Check
  W1910 LTE Baseband Verification Library        
  W1911 WiMAX Baseband Verification Library        
  W1912 LTE Baseband Exploration Library        
  W1913 WiMAX Baseband Exploration Library        


(1) The model numbers above reflect perpetual, nodelocked licences (adds an EP suffix). Time-based (adds an ET suffix) and Floating license configurations are also available. For more information, contact your local Keysight EDA representative.

(2) The W1717 Hardware Design Kit requires the W1903 Fixed-point Library.

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