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70000 Modular Spectrum Analyzer and 70900B Local Oscillator Source-Controlled Modules User's...

This 446-page User's Guide explains how to operate 70000 Series modular spectrum analyzer systems and lightwave signal analyzers. Topics covered include: basic operation of a spectrum analyzer and lightwave signal analyzer, organization of accessible MENU softkeys, quick reference tables that list all softkeys by functional group, detailed descriptions of each softkey, modular system troubleshooting procedures, descriptions for displayed system error messages, spectrum analyzer and lightwave-signal-analyzer theory of operation, individual block diagrams and descriptions for the 70000 Series modular spectrum analyzer system modules, information on caring for fiber-optic connectors and cables that are used with lightwave signal analyzers, and reference tables for ASCII characters, control codes, and escape sequences.

Part Number: 70900-90286

Print Date: March, 1994

File Size: 2.69MB (.pdf)

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User's Guide 
70000 Modular Spectrum Analyzer and 70900B User's Guide. Part number 70900-90286.

User Manual 1994-03-01

null PDF 2.70 MB